How To Minimize Scarring On Your Face & Body From Acne, Surgery, or Stretch Marks

How To Minimize Scarring On Your Face & Body From Acne, Surgery, or Stretch Marks

You picked. You knew you shouldn’t—and you spent the better half of the day resisting the urge—but you caved and picked at your breakout, and now your entire face is a mess. Been there. The good news is that it’ll eventually go away. The bad news is that it’ll probably leave an annoyingly obvious mark long after it’s gone.  

Any doctor will tell you: When you have a fresh wound—whether it be from a particularly pesky breakout, a minor surgery, or a poorly timed step off the curb—it’s important to keep it moist for it to heal properly. But contrary to what a cursory Google search will tell you, petroleum jelly isn’t your only defence against scars, hyperpigmentation, or stretch marks. It’s all about finding the right ingredients to help your skin repair itself. Ahead, how to minimize scarring from stretch marks, acne, and surgeries—including one that’s free! 



Heales AHA Face Cleanser

Commonly known acids like lactic, glycolic, and citric acids all fall under the alpha-hydroxy acids umbrella, which means they exfoliate the surface of your skin to reveal smoother, more evenly pigmented skin cells. They also decrease inflammation, a key marker of acne, rosacea, and other skin concerns that can cause scarring or hyperpigmentation. In short, they’re your ticket away from annoying dark marks, but they can be irritating for anyone with super-sensitive skin. Go light—as in once or twice a week—then ramp up usage as your skin takes to it.  



AHAs aren’t your only ticket to smoother skin. Antioxidants—which help remove free radicals and reduce skin inflammation—are a great option for anyone with sensitive skin. Certain hydrating ingredients like Boab oil, rosehip oil, and grapeseed oil can help reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, or anywhere that needs a little extra TLC, while vitamin E helps with skin regeneration. Sounds like a sci-fi movie, but it’s just your body at work.  

Other ingredients like Finger Lime Caviar extractan Australian Botanical hero, helps to even out skin tone and fight acne or eczema. It’s a natural alternative to retinol, which also works to eliminate wrinkles, scarring, and hyper pigmentation but can be too rough on many skin types. One reviewer even called out the serum’s “capacity to even out my freckles and make my skin appear really smooth and silky.” Sold!  



For real! It’s that simple: It’s not exactly an ingredient and it certainly isn’t something that oxidizes over time, but the right kind of pressure can work in your favor against things like stretch marks, cellulite, and other fun ailments like lactic acid build-up. You need the right tools.  


Blood Circulation.  

If you already use Dry-Brush, you know how helps to refine your skin, and gets the blood flowing. A Fascia Brush is the same idea...only deeper. It may look like a medieval tool, but it’s crazy-effective at boosting circulation. It has these little wooden nubs that massage and smooth out the connective tissue beneath the skin. This little wonder won’t dramatically change scarring, it *will* increase blood flow and signal your body to repair the areas you use it.  

We like to use it with a good Body Oil, or any other slippery substance that’ll help it glide easier.  


While we’d love to convince you to love all your dark marks, scars, and stretch marks, there’s no shame in wanting them to be a little less noticeable. Either way, just remember to treat your skin with care. It’s the only one you’ve got.  


xx L