This One Product Is The Key To A Perfect Hair Day

This One Product Is The Key To A Perfect Hair Day

We all know the feeling: Instead of running your fingers through your hair and feeling soft, springy strands, it feels dull, dehydrated, and in need of some major rehab. Every so often, hair can get dry and brittle for seemingly no reason at all. Sometimes, it’s changes in our diets or even changes in our hormonal cycles that can make hair weak or fall out. But if you’re sick of running to the salon for a trim or a keratin treatment, it’s possible to take care of it at home. Luckily, our Hair Oil offers a natural, three-in-one solution that detangles, hydrates, and protects against heat and sun damage for even the most lifeless hair. Here’s how to get the most out of it:

As A Pre-Wash Booster

If your hair veers more oily, it might soak up too much and weigh down your hair more than you’d hope. Instead, massage into your scalp and brush it through to your ends just before shampooing. Then, shampoo (twice if needed) with a sulfate-free, low-lather formula that won’t completely strip hair. You’ll know you’ve found the right one when it leaves your hair hydrated but not squeaky clean—those natural scalp oils are there for a reason!

As an Overnight Hair Mask:

Apply it on freshly washed or day-old hair from root to tips, massaging gently from the scalp to the very ends. Unless you have a pillow protector and a very, very old pillowcase that you wouldn’t mind tossing tomorrow morning, try braiding it or looping it into an overnight hair cap. Wash it out in the morning and use it again as the last step of your hair routine.

As A Daily Treatment:

As the last step in your hair routine, use the dropper to administer 3-4 drops of oil, then warm it between your hands and apply directly from your mid-lengths to ends. Daily use helps to lock in color, strengthens hair from the root, and treats dry ends. Plus, it’ll leave even the thinnest, most broken hair lustrous and deliciously scented with a subtle, unisex scent.

If you don’t have time for a cut—or you’re experiencing some less-than cooperative hair in between cuts—it might just be time for a little hardcore TLC.

xx LC