Himalayan Pink Salt Bars

Himalayan Pink Salt Bars

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Q: Should you wash your mouth out with soap?

A: Yes (sort of)

We switched from ordinary salt to Himalayan Pink Salt ages ago because of the 80+ naturally occurring minerals. But you can also use it to boost your dental hygiene game!

WHY WE LOVE IT: Quite apart from the health benefits, Himalayan Pink Salt is also a natural anti-microbial germ killer. It whitens your teeth, cleans your mouth, AND protects your brush. Win-win-win!

GOOD TO KNOW: It’s a natural bacteria fighter! Each bar lasts for years and only requires occasional rinsing to stay fresh. Made in a Fair Trade factory in Pakistan.

TO USE: After brushing, rinse your brush, and scrub it on the bar to clean it. It will leave trace amounts of the healthy salt on the bristles. Easy. Can also be used as a natural deodorant and/or in place of soap.

DETAILS: 100% Himalayan Pink Salt

DIMENSIONS: 9oz/250 gram (3.5” x 2”/ 9cm x 5cm)


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