Herbal Inhaler

Herbal Inhaler

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WHAT IT IS: A natural herbal inhaler for instant temporary relief of nasal congestion and dizziness. It smells like spicy black pepper and menthol, clearing your sinuses on the go.

WHY WE LOVE IT: Because the plastic inhaler tube gives us all of the Vick’s nostalgia feels, without the L-methamphetamine that can backfire when you stop using it.

HOW TO USE IT: Unscrew the cap, shake to activate, and breathe deeply for an instant energy boost that clears your sinuses and mind. Inhale as needed.

GOOD TO KNOW: Infused with a blend of seven natural herbs that are hand-picked and sun-dried in Thailand.


Made in Thailand.

0.1oz/ 2.85g


Clove, Camphor, Black pepper, Borneol, Logusticum root, Mace, Menthol


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