Natural, organic and vegan beauty products are fast becoming the new benchmark for beauty brands and that’s good news for everyone. As an allergy sufferer since childhood, I’ve always had to be extra careful about what I use on my sensitive, eczema-prone skin.

That’s why I’m especially proud of our new Heales skincare range. It’s 10 skincare staples that rely more on native Australian botanicals than a laboratory (at an approachable price-point). You can also discover carefully curated products from around the world that meet our clean beauty standards for ingredients, packaging, performance and value.

It may cost a little more money to clean up your beauty routine, but for me, lowering the overall chemical count I use to prioritize my health is worth it. I consider natural skincare part of my overall wellness, which after all, is the most important thing.


Healthy Skin is the Best Makeup,



Max Kater

Founder, Heales Apothecary