Linhart Teeth Whitening Gel

$21 $24

WHAT IT IS: Easy and effective teeth whitening gel for everyday use!

WHY WE LOVE IT: Because it works! The smallest pea size amount goes such a long way. Our teeth are looking whiter and feeling fresher. Now, it’s our best accessory.

HOW TO USE IT: Add a bead of whitener on top of your toothpaste prior to brushing, then brush as usual. Continue using until the desired shade is achieved, but not to exceed 2 or 3 uses per day.

GOOD TO KNOW: Hydrogen Peroxide is the active ingredient, which helps to safely whiten teeth without harmfully damaging tooth enamel!

DETAILS: 1.7oz tube Made in USA.


Purified water, poloxamer 407, hydrogen peroxide, methyl salicylate, sodium saccharin, sodium hexametaphosphate, sodium phosphate

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